Who is Tim?

As someone who was born an raised in Urbana, MD, I have seen communities rise from farmlands to flourishing develpments. In my upbringing I have had access to a bit of everything, from beautiful forests and mountains to explore all the way to the metropolis of Washington D.C. What has stuck with me through it all is my love for ice hockey, and my enjoyment of the great outdoors. My wonderful wife and I hit the gym together upwards of 5-6 days a week with a primary focus on strength and bodybuilding style workouts. It is also through the gym that I have significantly grown my skills in the business world, while also putting my Bachelors in Kinesiology to good use.  Over the years I have not only worked on the goals of my own fitness clients, but I have also managed and developed the businesses of a highly successful team of trainers. It is from this experience that I have adopted the mindset of giving unconditionally. This applies to my real estate expertise in relation to how I will treat my clients, customers and other agents. It is a priviledge to assist an individual or a family with one of the biggest decisions they can make for themselves, whether it is investing in their health or investing in their next home. It is even more of a gift to be able to give these individuals everything I can to help them be successful!