White Rooms?


Are they the new up and coming home feature? A blank palate to add splashes of colors and textures to as the seasons change? Lets review five basics to make a all white room work for your home.


First– Having a clean slate is admired by any homeowner.  Keeping it clean may be a different story. A slight twist on how bright your whites are will be crucial in making your white room a hit. When painting walls try using off white colors or colors blended with a drop of grey.

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RL pocket white

Pocket White

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Box Pleat


Second– Maximize your natural light. Choosing to do you ‘white room’ in a space that allows for the most sun exposure is key. Decide on which lighting fits your lifestyle. Sunrise or Sunset? Install a blind that will allow for suitable light flow while still allowing you the privacy you desire.

Try Solar Shades



Third- It’s not necessary to have all stark white furniture to compel you all whit room. Believe it or not, adding linen color pieces will help give the definition you room craves while still falling in the ‘white room’ category. For families IKEA offers a variety of linen flavored components that will make you room feel bright, clean and at it’s whitest, while still possessing the magic of hiding life incidences aka dirt. Such as  the EKTORP line. Done with messes and want that true glam white factor? Go for it with a fabulous accent piece such as the Madison Chesterfield

Fourth- Matchy-matchy isn’t the name of the game. Tying together all shades from the white rainbow will work just fine. In fact it tends to draw more character and element to your room yet keeping that basic ‘white room’ basic were going for.  Maybe you have vintage white vase that will look marvelous on top of a new off white table cloth you purchased. Or white sheer drapes against your favorite gray-white paint.  Having the goal of mostly white is ideal, as to have a perfect canvas ready to perfect. Taking us to the next basic…

Fifth– Add a PoP of color! Thats what brings out the best in your white room! Being able to transition from seasons, holidays or moods is whats wonderful about having your perfect white backdrop.  A signature color piece ties it all together. A favorite that is always a fit for any season is pillow change ups. You can easily change pillows on a white, or linen couch and instantly have a new room. Another fabulous face lift to your white room is a vase of flowers. Insert your favorite bouquet, and there is an instant blend of white and color pop harmony!